dosri Shadi ka Tareeka, Procedure of 2nd marriage

   The procedure of 2nd  marriage

Shadi 2nd marriage is a right given by Islam to a Muslim man. but in Pakistani law some restrictions on 2nd marriage. this article will help out those people who are looking for a 2nd marriage website. often people take the permission of the wife which is not enough for 2nd marriage and in reality you need to go through the process required.
ijazat nama of 2nd marriage
                                  video of  2nd marriage                                           

Dosri shadi ke lye jin documents ki zaroorat hoti hai

  1. Ijazat Nama pehli bv se
  2. Ijazat nama salsi council
  3. talaq certificate talaq yafta hone ki soorat main
  4. death certificate agar bv foot ho gai hu

agar app ke ye documents banwane main dishwari mahsoos hu tu call karain

Mazeed maloomat ke liye call karain or comments main apna case bian karain .
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overseas Pakistanis online marriage

section 6 muslim family ordinance 1961 deal polygamy

6. Polygamy.– (1) No man, during the subsistence of an existing marriage, shall, except with the previous permission in writing of the Arbitration Council, contract another marriage, nor shall any such marriage contracted without such permission be registered under this Ordinance.
(2) An application for permission under sub-section (1) shall be submitted to the Chairman in the prescribed manner, together with the prescribed fee, and shall state reasons for the proposed marriage, and whether the consent of existing wife or wives has been obtained thereto.
[8][(2A) The Nikah Registrar or the person who solemnizes a Nikah shall accurately fill all the columns of the nikahnama form with specific answers of the bride or the bridegroom.]
(3) On receipt of the application under sub-section (2), the Chairman shall ask the applicant and his existing wife or wives each to nominate a representative, and the Arbitration Council so constituted may, if satisfied that the proposed marriage is necessary and just, grant, subject to such conditions, if any, as may be deemed fit, the permission applied for.
[9][(4) If a person contravenes the provision of:
(i)     subsection (2A), he shall be punished to simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one month and fine of twenty five thousand rupees; and
(ii)    subsection (3), he shall be punished to simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months and fine of one hundred thousand rupees.]
(5) Any man who contracts another marriage without the permission of the Arbitration Council shall,
(a)  pay immediately the entire amount of the dower, whether prompt or deferred, due to the existing wife or wives, which amount, if not so paid, shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue; and
[10][(b) on conviction upon complaint be punishable with the simple imprisonment which may extend to one year and with fine of five hundred thousand rupees.]

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  1. Assalam u alaikum
    Sir, ye agr bv ijazat na de tu salsi council kese ijazat dega...
    Aor salsi council se kese contact karengy?

    1. salsi council permission is not easy and also wife permission. call me to know more solutions 0092-324-4010279

  2. Dimag kharab ho gya hy gov ka ye koi non muslim coumtty ni hy lanat hy en pe ju nabi ki sunat ko rok re hn

  3. Dosry shadi k leay rishta kisy bawa ka mail k liay

  4. Salsi Council sy bhe permission nhi easy milti first wife sy bhe easy nhi milti or agar male wesy 2nd marriage kr ly tu us k lye mout hazir .. or jis 2nd female ko name dyna chahta hai jisko is haq ki zarort hai wo bhe ruswa or wo male jo yh rishta bnay wo bhe first wife sy or logo sy ruswa .. kesa hai yh logo ka bnaya ab ka qanoon ya batain .. mtlb Nabi ny jo farmaya or kr k dikhaya wo sab ab ek side py rakh chuky hain log us py amal ya wo sunnat dukhra nhi skty ya kisi bewa ya kisi zarort mand ko apna name nhi dy skty

    1. bhai abhi bhi log kar rahe hain . iss ka hal hai . koi bhi qanoon govt ko islam ke khalaf nahi banana chahye. mazeed maloomat 0092-324-4010279

  5. Sir agr phli shadi pakistan mn ki ho or 2sri ksi bahir k countary mn kry to kya krna chiye 2sri shadi k liye

  6. Sir agr phli shadi pakistan mn ki ho or 2sri ksi bahir k countary mn kry to kya krna chiye 2sri shadi k liye

    1. App la swal clear nahi hail. call us 03244010279 whatsapp available.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Agar Kisi larky Ka Nika phly sy howa ho lakin ruksati na Hoi ho to Kiya dosri shadi karty waqt 1st nikah ka btana zaroori ha Kiya

    1. blkl zaroori hai kionke bghair batai shadi karna juram hai. mazeed maloomat 03244010279 whatsapp

  9. Pehle shadi hue we ho to dosri wale ko batna lazmi he ya nahi

    1. blkl lazmi hai. for more information call or whatsapp 03244010279

  10. Agr wife ki permission k baghair chup kr dosri shadi kr li jai..to esy mein husband or 2nd wife ko kya saza ho gi

    1. Dosri eife ko koi saza nahi hoti for more information call whatsapp


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