Divorce(talaq) Certificate banane ka tareeka

Divorce(talaq) Certificate banane ka tareeka

Dear ReadersAjj hum baat karain ge k Talaq ka certificate kia hai or yeh kese hasil kia ja sakta hai .jesa ke app logon ko maloom hai ya ho sakta hai ke buhat se logon ko namalom hu ke talaq bghair Uninon counsil ke certificate ke mosar nahi hoti or app ko agli shadi ke liye talaq ke certificate ki lazmi zaroorat hai . 

How to make a divorce certificate

For male

App ko talaq dene ke liye ishtam faroosh ke paas jana pare ga or apne nam per ishtam issue karwa ke us per talaq likhwani pare gi or us ke teen notice banane pare gai or un notices ki copies karwani pare gi

  • Talaq awal
  • talaq doim
  • talaq soim
yeh teeno notices alag alag ishtamo per likhwa kar aik mah k waqfe k baad inn ki copies aik bv ko or dosri union counsil main bhajni zaroori hoti hain union counsil app ka notice milne k baad ya agar app wahan per khud jate hain tu app khud bhi copy union council main jma krwa sakte hain . or jiss k baad union council bv ko notice jaari kare gi or app dono ko bula kar sulah ki koshish ki jaye gi or agle mah phir se app ne aik notice bv ko dosra union council ko dena hai 3 mah k baad union council app ko certificate jari kar de gi

Proceedure for  Female

Females need to apply in family court for khulla before to apply in the union council.

  • Female ke liye talaq ka procedure thora mukhtalif hai . wo yeh keh oorat khud talaq nahi de sakti us ko court se talaq ki decree leni pare gi 
  • decree ki masadqa copy hasil karne ke baad app ne us ko mutalqa union council main jma karwana hai \
  • app ki decree jma karwane k baad union council app ke husband ko notice jaari kare gi or app done ki sulah ki koshish ki jaye gi
  • app ne 3 mah tak har mah union council main jana hai or hazri lagwani hai 3 mah guzrne ke baad union council wale app ko certificate jaari kr dain ge 
    divorce registration  certificate
  • dosri shadi ka tareeka
  • Court marriage ka proceedure
  • bachon ka kharcha lena after sepration  

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