How to get divorce in foreign Country

Foreign divorce

 you are in a foreign country and want to divorce his or her spouse what procedure will have to adopt.
that you would not face any illegality in the future.

First of all, you will have to nominate the special power of attorney, you can make either any relative or your Lawyer, to proceed in family court on your behalf.

Papers of special power of attorney 
you can prepare the papers from the country where you live or from Pakistan. both are valid but if you prepare the papers in a foreign country the law of the country will follow if the papers are prepared in Pakistan Pakistani law will be followed. and verification of the Pakistani Embassy is necessary.

Court procedure

 The special attorney will complete all your court procedure and the court will pass the decree of dissolution of marriage.
After decreeing the decree will be submitted in the union council and the process of 90 days will be completed in the union council.after this certificate of Nadra will be issued by the union council which is conclusive proof of foreign divorce.

For Male
For male don't need to file in court. they have the right to divorce directly but the procedure of the Union council will have to follow and will have to send notices to UC as well as to wife one by one.
Union council will send the notices to both parties and the special attorney will appear on behalf of the husband and will proceed 90-day procedure.

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