Overseas Pakistanies apne rights ka dafa kese kar sakte hain

Overseas Pakistanis spend their lives in other countries and support not only their families but
also, play a pivotal role in the development of Pakistan but often we see their rights violated in Pakistan.so we discuss what are the problems they have and their solutions. If you know any problem that I did not add, please write in comments.

Property Matters
                           Often we see their property grab by their relatives if they give the power of attorney to them and if not, other land grabbers take advantage of their non-presence.
I know my beloved friend spent his life in the US but his property was grabbed by his real brother and now his brother (land grabber) dead but my friend is in litigation against their nephew for years and can't go back to the US 

  1.              When you are signing  the power of attorney for any reason never give them the right of sale or transfer of ownership of the property

  2. Never trust a single person or  just your family, also take information from your friends and other relatives to know the real situation

  3.  Always trust more on your wife and children than your brothers and sisters

  4. Never buy any property in the ownership of your parents, brothers, and sisters, It will be hard to take the property back.

  5. When you pay or buy anything in Pakistan. pay them in their accounts and keep a record of all the money you spend or send in Pakistan.

Money matters
  1.           Never send them all your savings, just send them what they needed and other money save to your account because we often observe family spend all the money, and in old age when overseas Pakistanis come back they have not enough savings to run their matters in Pakistan

  2. when you send any money sent it to their accounts and keep a record
  1.             To appear in your cases you can sign a power of attorney with verification of Pakistan embassy.
  2. You can record your statements through video calls in court.
  3. you will have to knowledge of  E-court 
  4. Also, study about courts working for overseas Pakistanis
Divorce Matters
  1.                      Many time we see they feel problems to divorce their spouses and for females hard to apply divorce case in court as well as get Nadra divorce certificate 

  2. You can send the power of attorney to deal with divorce matters in the Union council as well as in courts.
            They face problems in marriage, I wrote many articles on the topic one is an online marriage

bacon see mulaqat

overseas court

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